Research tells us that 70% of people feel like a fraud... (especially, at work).

I think this is a real freaking tragedy. So, I wrote a book to teach you how to punch self-doubt right in the face. You see, confidence isn't a's a skill that you can develop.

Books Available. [Ready to order?] Buy one today and I'll send you two. The goal is to share confidence.

An incredibly simple way to learn how to trust yourself.

Confidence isn't something you're born with...

Self-belief is not just reserved for superheroes and the so-called elite. No. It's a skill that you can learn over time (like riding a bike). Don't believe the haters. Deep down you really do have what it takes.

The book:

  • Is an easy read. It feels more like a meditative guide than a book, and I think even people who hesitate to buy and read books will love this one.

  • The book is designed to carry in your back pocket, satchel or fancy handbag.

  • The format is unique. Equal parts science, art and daily inspiration. I've included 31 daily meditations to help you learn how to be confident.

  • It's encouraging, refreshing, inspiring and will give you simple tools you can apply immediately.

  • Is meant to be shared and read with the people in your life - family, friends and coworkers.

Some of the content featured in the book includes:

  • Simple daily readings to help you develop self-belief.

  • Insights on how to turn your fear into inner-strength.

  • The difference between being arrogant and truly confident.

  • And a really cool story about a blind guy who jumped off a cliff and lived to tell about it.

My goal is for this book to be personal, simple to implement and life-changing. Confidence is a little book with a big message - you can learn to trust yourself. You really can. 

Priced and packaged to share...

With your help, we can spread the word and help people believe in themselves...

[I wrote this to be shared! If you order one, I'm going to send you two... and scale it up from that.]

About me...

I'm a entrepreneur, coach and consultant. For the past 12 years I've helped people all over the planet discover a different way to live and work. I write and speak regularly about life, leadership and making a real difference in the world.

Steve Knox

Steve Knox

Author and Entrepreneur, fighting the status quo.


Are you going to be doing a roadshow to promote the book?

I'm not planning on it. Last year I did a small book launch in Sydney and toured across the US to promote my first book. Sorry, but I'm not able to invest the time to repeat that epic trip. As a consolation, though, I do have a keynote about the book. You can bring me in for your next event. Thanks.


Yes, bonuses. Buy one, I'll send you two. Buy 10, I'll send you 15. And scale it from there. The purpose is simple: the book is published to be shared, to make change, to allow you to generously share confidence.

Will there be a Kindle edition?

Yes. Here’s the link.

How long is it, what's it like?

The book is less than 96 pages long. As for what it's like, you really can't know until you read it. If you're the sort of person that needs to know all the details before buying it. Wait until March and check your local book store.

Why is the book $30 AUD?

Two words: International shipping. It would be cheaper for me to fly to the States with a suitcase full of books and hand deliver them to you. 

What if I need 25 copies?

Feel free to pre-order two 10-packs. We'll send you 30 copies.

Will there be an audio book?

Possibly. It depends on the demand.

I found a typo!

Thanks for letting us know. Please emails us... (

Are there international editions?

We are researching how to print the book in various languages and countries. If you're a publisher with a history of doing this, please let us know. (

What should I do when I receive my copy?

Share your extra copy with a friend. And, then take a picture of both of you with the book and share it on social media with the hashtag #theconfidencebook