What is Coaching?

Working with me is the second half of a journey you’re already on. You’re reading this right now, because you want to become more. You’ve been improving yourself through books, podcasts and self-discovery which has led you to become who you are today - a leader.

But, as you’ve probably discovered by now, no matter how dedicated you are, going it alone can only take you so far. The best way to continue to develop is by seeking outside insight so you can take the next step as a leader, and by doing so reach your full potential. But, this doesn’t stop with you. By investing in yourself you’ll also find what you’re really searching for - the knowledge, skills and tools to help others around you live their best life, too.

Your impact and influence matter. The relationships you have right now will exponentially grow and deepen from you becoming crystal clear on who you are as a leader and figuring out how you are uniquely wired to add the most value. This will have a ripple effect in every part of your life.

But, only if you learn to lead yourself first.

Coaching will help you define your calling and give you confidence to lead authentically…

Coaching will show you how to make the most of each day and maximize your productivity so you can focus on the people and projects which matter most…

Coaching will teach you how to become a genuine influencer in all of your relationships so you can empower others in their own journey…

As Howard Thurman once said:

“Don’t ask what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive and go do that. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive.”

Your leadership matters, and coaching with me is your next step to unlocking your best self, so you’re better equipped to help others.

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Steve Knox brings out the best person inside of you. If you want to leave a dent in the world, Steve Knox is the guy that will help you do it. One of the best decisions of my career was hiring Steve for his mentorship in my personal and business life.
— Vince, Founder
I had the pleasure of having Steve Knox as a presenter at a recent leadership keynote. Steve energised the room full of 200 plus managers, each taking away their own key messages. Steve was engaging, entertaining, inspiring and an absolute pleasure to work with. I strongly recommend him for speaking events and leadership forums.
— Jody, Executive Director
Coaching is essential in business today. Steve Knox is one of the best.
— Kurt, COO
The biggest thing that stands out about Steve is that he speaks with both authority and compassion when leading teams through various training. His clarity and vision teach people how to be more complete versions of themselves regardless of their environment or circumstance.
— Chris, Enterprise Lead
Steve’s coaching and mentorship gave me the foresight and navigation to accelerate my success. His experience was impactful immediately and something I can carry for the rest of my career.
— Zack, Performance Coach
Through our sessions, Steve has challenged me, made me look at myself with reality and honesty, and question my own motivations. Through this and Steve’s innate ability to question right to the core of an issue, he has enabled me to create a better environment for my business and my team, and ultimately for myself. His sessions are daunting on both a personal and professional level with their honesty, but so, so beneficial.
— Rosy, College Principal
Steve’s wise counsel and practical tools have allowed me to elevate my personal performance. With his guidance, I’ve improved my productivity, relational effectiveness and hence enhanced my level of fulfillment.
— Jim, CEO

“If what you’re doing today isn’t making you a better human being or the world a better place, then you might be on the wrong path.”

- Steve Knox -