Keynotes and Talks.

One of the greatest privileges I have as an author and leadership coach is the opportunity to share my stories and strategies with other. I absolutely love it. And, I'd be honored to share them with you.

My Most Popular Talks...

imprint - Understanding Who You Are. Inside and Out.

A talk that is built for HR conferences or inside any large company, I share why self-awareness is the foundation for building leaders and a leadership culture. Helping audiences identify which type of leader they are and how they can leverage this at work and at home. I'll show them very quickly how to improve their communication, navigate conflict and manage stress so they can perform at their absolute best.

Confidence - The Science & Art of Self-Belief.

My own personal story as the son of an engineer and an artist, and decade(+) research from coaching and consulting for some of the best companies on the planet, has led me to the hypothesis that confidence is not some elusive leadership trait but a skill that can be developed by anyone. I'll quickly help audiences identify how to build confidence practically and purposefully right where they're at. This talk is perfect for almost any corporate training occasion. 

3 Leaky Buckets - What Really Motivates People.

Equal parts education, inspiration, and field manual, 3 Leaky Buckets is an honest look at what it takes to lead people today. This talk investigates the latest research in employee engagement, and focuses in on 3 keys to driving high-performance:

  1. Community (A place of belonging)

  2. Meaning (A purpose worth fighting for)

  3. Mastery (A pathway to excellence)

This talk is aimed at startups, entrepreneurs and teams in need of a blueprint for success. 

DNA - Articulating Your Mission, Vision & Values.

In order to be successful, companies must know who they are and why they exist. And the best companies make sure to instil their values and mission at every level of their organisation. Based upon my own experience working with some of the best companies on the planet, dozens of startups and other organisations - I will share a simple way to identify your values, clarify your mission and capture the imagination of your organisation with a compelling vision. 

The Asymmetrical Leader - How Being a Bit Off is Your Real Competitive Advantage.

In this talk, designed for audiences from all walks of life, I explore 5 life questions that will challenge and inspire listeners to design a life of meaning and purpose. I quickly guide listeners through practical exercises and personal stories to embrace a growth mindset. I also help them avoid the traps of procrastination, self-pity and placing blame. The heart of this talk is about the importance of embracing your strengths and weaknesses in becoming a successful leader.

Over the past 15+ years, I have had the privilege to speak hundreds of times all over the planet in 12 different countries (South Africa, Brazil, Spain, Kenya, and New Zealand to name a few), to large crowds at corporate events, conferences, keynotes, strategic training and private events.


Steve Knox is the author of Smooth Running Weird (2019), Confidence: The Science & Art of Self-Belief (2018); The Asymmetrical Leader (2016); the founder of, and a sought after speaker on the topics of leadership, spirituality, and well-being. Some of the best companies on the planet have trusted Steve to develop and invest in their people. He splits time between Houston, TX and Sydney, AU.

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