I work with some of the best leaders and companies on the planet.

For starters, I’m not a theorist (or a therapist), I'm a leadership practitioner, having worked one-on-one with hundreds of leaders across industry for more than a decade.

I work with leadership teams and individual leaders to do what you do best - be productive and profitable. 

Together we'll tackle the challenges you're facing head-on, uncover your blindspots and have fun doing it. 

Through simple and practical coaching advice and strategies, I'll help you discover a better way to live and work. 

We won't stop there. Because, what you're after is more than success. 

Success is about achieving a good result.

Significance is about creating a good life.

I'll help you do both.

Steve Knox brings out the best person inside of you. If you want to leave a dent in the world, Steve Knox is the guy that will help you do it. One of the best decisions of my career was hiring Steve for his mentorship in my personal and business life.
— Vince Gabriele, Founder and CEO of GFP

I have...

  • Personally coached over 500+ leaders, one-on-one from across industry.
  • Facilitated over 250+ workshops and keynotes globally impacting over 250,000 leaders.
  • Collaborated with some of the best companies on the planet as well as startups, NGOs and universities. 
  • Turned around sales teams to be the best in their industry.
  • Transformed siloed C-Suite teams to become high-performing unified leaders.
  • Designed and implemented leadership training courses across multiple global companies.
  • Written numerous leadership articles, ghost-written two leadership books, and recently authored my own book: The Asymmetrical Leader.
  • Invested the past decade researching and designing a simple leadership diagnostic tool, The Four Work Styles™, which is currently being rebranded and re-released in 2018. 

Are you ready to get started? Just click the button below and we'll start a conversation that will change your life.  Let's talk about the challenges you're facing, the people that are driving you mental and the dreams you want to make a reality. That's a conversation worth having.