Tony Robbins, NLP and the power of changing your story.

G'day championay...

Love him or hate him, you can't ignore him - self-help and wealth guru, Anthony Jay Robbins, has literally made half a billion (with a B) dollars using NLP. Tony uses NLP to help his clients and audiences model a better story. If you watch Robbins closely (His Netflix Doco: I'm not you're Guru is a great place to start) then you can pick up on how he gets them to absolutely believe in and commit to a better future. 

Tony's a master at it. His language. His movements. His tone. And, his posture all carefully orchestrated to unleash the power within (his words not mine).

If you're not familiar with NLP (neuro-linguistic-programming) it's learning the language of your own mind. 

Literally, understanding the story you're telling yourself. 

You don't need to go to a Tony Robbins seminar or fork over thousands of bucks to change the way you think. You can reframe any negative experience or situation using the following simple NLP technique. And, yes, this is a pen to paper moment...

1. What negative belief do you have about yourself or someone else?
2. How is this belief actually a gift in disguise?
3. How can this belief be useful to you?
4. What about this belief is positive?
5. How might you restate this belief to see the benefits?

For example...

Imagine you constantly told yourself, "My boss micromanages me and doesn't trust me." Instead of assigning a negative intention to the situation, what other meaning might there be for your boss' behavior? You could reframe the story you're telling yourself by asking yourself, "Is it possible she really cares but doesn't know any other way to manage someone like me?"

See the difference?

By reframing your thinking you can positively change any situation. And, find a better way forward.

Try it out and experiment with it today.

On a personal note, I use to think I was impatient and obsessive. Now I believe, I care deeply about anything and everything I say YES to. That's me.

What about you? What story do you need to change in your own mind?

After all, the story you tell yourself is the future you create.

Here's to the power of reframing how you think...

Steve Knox



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