Ask these two questions and see what happens.

G'day you crazy-hearted genius...

Last week I was fortunate enough to invest four days with a client of mine at their trimesterly strategic offsite. The second day, the CEO asked everyone in the room to answer two simple questions:

1. What's your superpower?
2. What's your greatest fear?

One-by-one we went around the circle and answered. Some of us spoke with authority and passion, others struggled to articulate our feelings with confidence. Within 10 minutes everyone in the room knew each other (and ourselves) a heck of a lot better.

Which brings me to the point of today's post...

If you want to make your greatest impact in life, you need to know who you are and what might be holding you back. 

To make this real for you, I'd encourage you to try the following exercise:

Reach out to five friends, colleagues, or peers and ask them the questions in reverse. Do a bit of self-reflection & journaling based on the encouragement and insight they send your way.

I experimented with it last week via text. I sent a handful of people in my life the following texts:

"Quick question: what is my superpower? I'll tell you yours."

"My biggest fear is not making an impact. What's yours?"

Every single one of them hit me back. 

I compiled a list in my handy-dandy Moleskine journal and have been journaling through the responses for the past 72 hours. 

At first, and especially if you're new to asking for help, you may be a bit shy about seeking this kind of rapid-fire feedback.

And, that's okay.

Just keep reaching out and asking other people for their two cents...

Let each friendly word of wisdom sink into your heart and mind. Then take the time to journal for the next few days to see if you can summarize what they're saying to you. See if you can't get some clarity around who you really are and what it really means.

Again, if you haven't ever done a survey like this before, this will feel foreign and stretch you at first.

But, it gets easier.

And not only does it get easier to ask, but you will find yourself getting really good at teachable and open.

Try it for yourself and see.

Text five friends with either or both of the above questions.

Doing so will not only be enlightening for you, but it will give you an opportunity to help your friends grow in self-awareness too.

Here's to asking for help...

Steve Knox

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