8 signs you'll be successful in life.

Buenos Dias my fierce and stubborn compadre...

Recently I received a question from the interwebs about the qualities and characteristics of successful people. Here's what I wrote:

You will be successful if you:

  1. Are competitive with yourself. If you hate losing more than you love winning, that’s a good sign you’re gonna be alright and come out ahead of the pack.

  2. Ask “why?” If the status quo and business-as-usual don’t cut it for you, then you’re on a sure path to being set apart in your current industry.

  3. Have a morning routine. I’ve never met a successful person who didn’t live a disciplined life and beat the sun up almost every day.

  4. Grew up rough. Challenges breed champions. And, if you were lucky?! enough to come up the hard way and beat the odds, you’re probably gonna crush it in life.

  5. Are an optimistic pessimist. Living in reality and seeing the full picture (not just the big picture) is a sign you have a competitive advantage.

  6. Don’t ask for permission. Successful people make things happen and are okay not having 100% confirmation before they jump. 70% due diligence is enough.

  7. Continuously improve. If learning is a big part of your DNA, then chances are you’re gonna be a winner in life. Self-improvement is a way of life for successful people.

  8. Ask for help. Successful people surround themselves with people who are strong where they are weak. If you have a group of trusted advisors and peers who complement your strengths, then I’d guess you’re already winning in life.

A word of caution: it's more important to be faithful than successful. Success is subjective and elusive. It's also a byproduct of hard work and being a person who can be trusted. 

Here's to being accountable to your future self...

Steve Knox


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