Three mantras to live by.

Bueno you beautiful spark of humanity...

If you have ever wanted to live a life of real significance and add value no matter what circumstance you find yourself in - then hopefully the following will help you figure out what you can do about it.

I'm a big believer in simplification. It's probably my #2 superpower behind my ability to listen. Which is why I've chosen to build my life around three simple mantras:

  1. People matter most.

  2. Work is good for my soul.

  3. My best days are ahead.

The first mantra is centered around what life is really all about: relationships.

The second is about mastery, autonomy, and purpose in striving to live a significant life.

And, the third is about hope.

These three guide me because they're linked to my core values of community, adventure, and generosity. Which is another post for another day. 

Without you thinking I'm getting all new-age-hippie on you, a mantra is actually the ancient Sanskrit word which means, "the thought behind speech or action". In meditative practices, mantras are meant to be repeated. Over and over again. 

These three work for me, because they are rooted in the very heart of my life and work. They guide me. Shape my thinking and decision-making. I can easily say YES to any opportunities or people who the Universe brings my way in light of these three guiding truths.

You should think about writing your own. 

A great place to start is with what frustrates you the most in life. It sounds a bit counterintuitive, but your frustrations reveal what you care the most about.

For example:

If you're really upset about the fact your local politician doesn't care about the environment and his constituency, then there's a good chance you value taking care of the planet and people. 

You might want to break out pen and paper and journal about this for a few paragraphs. Then challenge yourself and simplify your thoughts into a sentence or two. And, finally, boil your thoughts down into 3-5 words.

Congratulations, you've armed yourself with a mantra you can meditate on daily. 

These little nuggets of personal wisdom will guide you. Shape you. And, inform your daily decisions, too. 

It may take you a few weeks or more to figure them out and incorporate them into your daily routine. 

The bottom line is:

Without living intentionally, you're at the mercy of your circumstances. But, with clear and authentic intentions, you'll create a better future and be more fully present in today. 

Here's to living your life on purpose...

Steve Knox

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