Why not knowing beats knowing all day long.

Bueno friend...

If you've ever felt like you're winging it and wandering around in the dark, then what I'm about to share might just tip the scales in your favor and give you a bit of hope.

The world is built around certainty. Expertise is prized. Almost worshipped. 

Think about it. 

Don't you trust the people "in the know"? And, wasn't your whole education built around having the right facts?

People reach out to me because I'm a so-called "Leadership Expert." Which simply means I've dedicated most of my professional career studying, coaching, and working with quote-unquote leaders.

When my clients actually engage me, they're surprised when I don't show up with all the answers. Instead, I come armed with a lot of questions. Intended solely to help them enter into a posture of "not knowing".

I've been in the game far too long to think I have all the answers. Which is why I start with well-thought-out questions. 

You should try loosening your grip on certainty, too. Especially if you're at all interested in figuring out a better way forward. Or, if you're stuck in the dead-in-cycle of know-it-all-ism. 

One of the most freeing phrases you can adopt is: "I don't know."

Try it out today instead of faking it til you make it or bullsh**ing your way through another meeting. 

You'll be amazed at how good it feels to stand in your ignorance armed solely with curiosity. 

But, please understand this type of approach is scary at first. You'll want to fall back into your old pattern of having to have all the answers. But, guess what? You don't. And, you'll have to fight trying to say something or regurgitate some fact you read somewhere. Instead, say those magical three little words: "I don't know."

Not knowing is not a sign of ignorance, it's a sign of humility. 

Become a student again. Embrace curiosity. And, stop playing the expert. 

You'll quickly become someone people trust and want to be around more. 

Here's to the power of 100%, undistilled authenticity...

Steve Knox

PS. I'm starting a recovery group for know-it-alls. If you want to join simply reply to this email with "I'm in." Because admitting you have a problem with know-it-all-ism is the first step in your recovery.