Kindness: A Spiritual Manifesto

Ciao you special spark of humanity...

One of my favorite soundtracks is from the 2004 Indie movie Garden State. I often put it on repeat when I'm writing. One song, in particular, stands out to me - Alexi Murdoch's, Orange Sky. This little ballad is from his self-released EP, Four Songs. There's something haunting about Murdoch's voice. And, the lyric which really grabs me every time I listen to it is...

In your love, my salvation lies...

I'm not sure what Murdoch meant when he wrote those words, but I do know what those words mean to me. And, how they capture the truth of what I think we're all truly searching for...
Compassion. Freedom. Kindness. 

When people are kind to you, don't you feel better?

And, when you take the time to be kind to others, don't you feel more okay? More yourself?

If you want to be holy, be kind. 

Simple advice for a spiritual being like you. And, by holy, I'm talking about what the word really means: to become whole.

When you're kind and experiencing the kindness of others (loved) you get this inner strength, peace and sense of wholeness. The not-so-likable bits of you - like the brokenness and mistakes of your past - begin to heal. You feel less scattered. Less alone. Less afraid. 

Kindness also releases the hormone, oxytocin. And, research has shown oxytocin increases happiness, optimism, and energy in people. Even more amazingly, depression, pain, stress and anxiety decrease when you're kind. 

Kindness is a way to heal yourself and others. 

Which makes sense when you stop and think about what Murdoch's lyric is really about...

Loving-kindness saves you and me. 

You have the power to be kind. To really see people. To help them see themselves. 

Just something to think about as you go about your day today. 

Here's to the life-changing benefits of kindness...

Steve Knox


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