The emotional speaker.

Ciao you crazy-hearted fool...

A few months back a good friend was asked about what I did for a living and her reply threw me for a loop. And, made me laugh out loud. 

When asked, this brilliant young lady replied:

"He's an emotional speaker."

Hilarious. And, somewhat true. 

You see, I think a lot of people have a hard time understanding what I do for a living, or at least finding the right words to describe my vocation. Which is okay by me. I kinda like being hard to describe. 

I've been called lots of things over the years...

Life coach...
Management consultant...
Self-help teacher...
Leadership expert...
Business mentor...
In-house head doctor...
Motivational speaker...

Just to name a few.

I like to call myself a leadership coach because leadership is the lane I swim in. And, coaching is what I do. 

Which brings me to what I want to share with you today...

What you do is not who you are. 

True story. 

Let me explain. 

There's more to you than what you get paid to do. So much more. I know this sounds obvious, but with so many labels being thrown around today it's hard to distinguish between making a living and creating a life. 

You are not your 9-5. 
You are not your latest project.
You are not a cog in a wheel.
You are not a number.


You are a human being.
You are a divine spark.
You are a special soul.
You are a one-of-a-kind masterpiece.

Don't define yourself by what you do for a living. Define yourself by who you are from the inside out.

I'm so glad my friend described me the way she did. It gave me outside insight into how people define what I do for a living. Also, I take it as a compliment to be called "emotional."

It means I must care. Or, at the very least, have an ability to impact and influence others at a heart level. Which is pretty close to the truth of who I want to become. And, what I want to be known for. 

You see, I decided a long time ago for my life to be marked by compassion and hope. Both are emotional. And, yeah, I do talk about these things and teach others how to create a life and not just make a living. 

Whatever you do today, don't confuse the two.

Here's to being your awesome self...

Steve Knox


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