19 things you don't have to be afraid of.

Aena shekhikhi! You brave and beautiful scoundrel...

I wanted to start by saying THANK YOU to the faithful tribe of readers out there who start and end your day by opening these little posts. You are why I haven't missed a day in over a year-and-a-half. I am grateful to be a small part of your everyday life. I know your time is precious - invaluable even. And, just the thought of my words making their way around this little ball of spinning dirt via the interwebs to the device you're holding in your hand is pure magic.

On to today's topic...

Fear is a liar. 

It'll rob you. Blind you. Consume you. Confuse you. And, stop you if you let it.

So don't.

Most of what I get paid to do for a living revolves around helping people identify, name, face and overcome their fears. And, I love what I do. 

Here's a list of 19 things you don't have to be afraid of based on the thousands of real-life conversations I've had over the past 15 years of coaching:

  1. Past mistakes.

  2. Change.

  3. Being overlooked or ignored.

  4. Solitude.

  5. Not making it.

  6. Generational hangups.

  7. Disappointing the powers that be.

  8. Choosing yourself.

  9. Being yourself.

  10. Taking time to rest.

  11. Genuine friendship.

  12. Your competition.

  13. Success.

  14. Waiting.

  15. The season of life you're in.

  16. Your next big leap of faith.

  17. Breaking things off with you know who.

  18. The cool kids.

  19. Being vulnerable.

I could list a dozen or so more fears I see week-in-week-out as a leadership coach, but you get my point.

I've said it before and I'll say it again: fear and faith are the exact same emotion. 

You have the power to choose faith instead of fear. To label your experiences as positive instead of negative. If you're really living life, it should scare you a bit. Life out on the edge has a way of letting you know there's the potential to lose, fail, and make a fool of yourself. 

But you know what?

You'll live to tell about it. So choose faith amigo. And, keep risking.

Here's to stepping into the unknown...

Steve Knox


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