On friendship.

Bom Dia my energetic and knowledgable compadre...

It takes a lot to be a good friend. For starters, someone has to like you enough to put their own opinions, cares, and needs aside to just show up, shut up and listen. 

Because at the end of the day a good friend is someone who knows what hurts you.

They care.

And, they not only take the time to give a damn but will be there for you at your lowest of lows not just when everything is beer and skittles, peachy keen.

This is rare in today's disconnected, technologically saturated universe. There aren't enough likes, claps, or upvotes to fill the longing in your soul for real human connection. 

Which leads me to the second quality of a good friend: mutual respect. 

You see there's something powerful about rubbing shoulders with people who see what's unique and special about you (and visa versa).

Let me explain.

A good friend not only sees you, but they also listen to you. They cheer you on. They don't leave you hanging. They show up. And, they follow through. You can count on them, and they can count on you.

Friendship really is a two-way street. 

Finally, good friends keep your conversations under wraps. They don't gossip. You can unload your burdens and they won't share one syllable of what you tell them.

And, this is extremely rare today. Especially when information is viewed as power.

Trust is everything in a relationship. To find someone who you can confide in is truly sacred. Something you should never take for granted. And, a person you'll want to honor.

Don't confuse the acquaintances in your life with good friends. Some people are with you for a reason. Some are with you for a season. And, a lucky few will be with you for a lifetime.

 Here's to the life-changing magic of friendship...

Steve Knox


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