The grass isn't greener on the other side.

G'day again you fearless and intelligent fighter...

What I'm about to share with you today is not popular. In fact, some people out there might even consider it a bit heretical. Especially, in the achievement-driven-take-no-prisoners world, we live in today. But, it doesn't change the fact of its veracity.

And, if you'll take the appropriate amount of time to reflect on what I'm about to share with you without rushing off to the next important event in your life, you'll see what I'm talking about.

But, you'll have to let it sink into your heart. It cannot be some type of mental Jui-Jitsu exercise. This is one of those truths you have to sit with for a while. Like for maybe a day or two.

Here it is:

Your next challenge is your current one.

Let me explain.

Most of the world is in a big damn hurry to go nowhere fast. Always looking for the next big thing. 

Life is not a game.

Life is not a race.

For the fierce competitors out there who constantly keep score, today's post is really for you. You see, life is meant to be experienced not measured.

Let me be clear: the most radical thing you can do is stay right where you're at today.

Doing what you're doing right now. Loving the people in front of you. Being present to the present. 

It really is the only way to break the pattern of life which has left you constantly wanting to conquer the next mountain. Because, when you rush off to the very next thing, you're missing out

Stop living in and for tomorrow. It doesn't exist anyway. Waking up to this realization is one of the most freeing experiences in life.

The person feverishly running next to you who desperately wants you to notice them. To really see them. And, love them. They are killing themselves just to keep up.

Whoever that person is. Stop and cherish them today. They don't care if you achieve anything else anyway. I would venture to guess they love you in spite of all your running around.

Again, I know this might upset one or two dozen readers out there. But, I think it's good to remember this life is about relationships. 

Just something to think about for like the next day or so. Let it take root in your heart. 

Here's to being...

Steve Knox


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