The difference between confidence and arrogance.

Ciao championay...

Let's talk about...narcissists.

There's an ancient text which says, "Pride leads to destruction, and arrogance comes before a fall."

How true this is.

I've seen it a thousand times over in my coaching practice. And, I've also experienced it personally in the past. And, one thing I'm convinced of when it comes to believing your own press: you will fall flat on your face.

Like cheap cologne, people can smell arrogance on you a mile away.

It doesn't help you one iota. 

You see, there's a BIG difference between arrogance and confidence. 

Arrogance literally means, "to claim for oneself." And, confidence means, "to trust within."

The first is self-centered, the second is about centering yourself...

  • Arrogance is loud and proud. Confidence is quiet and consistent.

  • Arrogance says "look at me." Confidence says "look within."

  • Arrogance is about superiority. Confidence is about humility.

  • Arrogance pushes others down. Confidence lifts others up.

  • Arrogance looks outward in comparison. Confidence looks inward at character. 

  • Arrogance assumes importance. Confidence assumes ignorance.

  • Arrogance has to be seen and heard. Confidence flies under the radar.

  • Arrogance is about outward appearances. Confidence is about inner strength.

Arrogance is dangerous. It's a very slippery slope that'll take you very far from where you want to be. And, the furthest you could possibly fall is not pretty. At least not on the inside. That cold, dark place is where narcissism reigns supreme.

Narcissists live and breathe in arrogance like a fish in water.

You know you're in the presence of these bent souls because they exaggerate just about everything. Unable and unwilling to admit failure they have an excuse for past defeats. Always blaming others for their own shortcomings, they must be liked and praised. Maintaining their image no matter what. And, they constantly seek the limelight. 

Narcissists are quite attractive, at first. But, if you spend any time with them, you'll quickly realize they don't have your best interests in mind. They are the center of their own Universe. 

Why am I talking about narcissists?

Well, it seems like the world is being run by these egomaniacs. And, it's time for good-hearted people like you to step up and be confident. Especially, in the face of so much hate and vitriol online and in the airwaves today.

Chances are you probably have a narcissist creeping around in your life right now.

They make you think you're their best friend, but in reality, they just want to use you for their own personal gain.

They smile and say nice things, but their heart is not in it. Because they lack genuine empathy. Only caring about themselves and their selfish agendas.

Watch out for these scam artists. 

They don't care about you. 

They want to kill, steal and destroy you. They'll take your ideas, your time, your energy, your money...and make you think it's your own fault for being so trusting. 

But, don't fall for it. 

You can confidently take your stand against these shysters by refusing to give them any more of your precious time and attention. The best way to deal with them is to go quietly about your business and not give in to their false charm. Smile and be kind, but don't waste another minute entertaining their fantasies. 

They can't stand it when you don't pay attention. Eventually, they'll go away if you stop engaging them.

And, this is good news.

Because when you trust your intuition, your confidence will grow and you'll become someone who can spot an arrogant narcissist a mile away.

Here's to trusting within...

Steve Knox

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