Stress is your friend.

G'day my brave and hardworking amigo...

Did you know the word stress dates back to the 13th-century? It originally meant, "pressure, hardship, adversity, or force."

And, stress can be your friend. 

Let me explain.

Stress is physiological and psychological pressure which forces you to respond. It's your body's way of letting you know what you need to do next. When the fight-or-flight response kicks into overdrive, you have a choice to make:

Use that sudden burst of energy to get hyperfocused and dive deeper into what you're facing, or run for the hills. 

Learning how to channel stress into productive energy is key. Something I teach my clients to do over a series of coaching sessions. But, without giving the kitchen sink away for free, I'll share one simple exercise you can do to make stress work for you, instead of against you. 

Here it is...

The next time you feel your pulse quickening and blood-pressure rising, instead of fighting it, ride the wave of what you're feeling. Instead of defining the stress as something negative, redefine it in positive language. Literally, say out loud to yourself:

"This situation is scaring me in a good way. I'll use what I'm feeling to focus and learn from this exciting challenge."

You might have to repeat those two sentences a half-dozen-or-so times, but they'll change your perspective and open you up to new possibilities. 

Of course, this type of approach has to be practiced intentionally. And, will undoubtedly be difficult to adopt at first. But, if you learn to recognize your stress triggers you'll be better equipped to make stress work for you and not against you.

I'd encourage you to write these two sentences down using pen and paper. You might even go one step further and read them out loud to yourself every single day - morning, noon, and night - for the next few weeks. 
If you think about it, pressure, hardship, adversity, and force can shape you into an even stronger and more resilient human being. Like a lump of coal being transformed into a beautiful diamond.

That's right, amigo. Stress can work to your advantage if you learn how to master it. 
I'd love to continue the conversation personally if you're getting the crap kicked out of you by your circumstances. Reply to this email and we can tee up a time to talk. The first conversation is always on me.

Here's to living life proactively...

Steve Knox

PS. Share this with the one stressed-out amigo in your life who needs a bit of help. Point them in my direction. And, I'll do the rest. Cheers.