The best compliment(s) you've ever been given.

Ciao you unbelievably talented piece of work...

Just this past week, I received the following message via the interwebs from one of the Steverino Tribe faithful:

I was listening to a podcast about marriage and it was talking about compliments and criticisms.  It said it takes 9 genuine compliments to outweigh one criticism.  Words are so powerful.  So here is my reply to your email request/challenge:

What are the top five compliments you have ever been told in your life?  (I have been pondering this question all week.) 

Needless to say, the message stopped me in my tracks and has haunted me repeatedly every day since I read it. I can't get it out of my mind. 

The top 5 criticisms are at the tip of my tongue. They're attached to scars in some unforgettable part of my past. But the top 5 compliments? I have had to really think about this one. 

Not because I'm lacking self-confidence or haven't received words of affirmation, but I just have a hard time remembering the timeless compliments people have spoken into my heart and soul. 

And, this bothers me. 

Because I know people have said some kind stuff over the decades. Heck, even over the past few weeks.

After a bit of research, it turns out your brain (and mine) is five times more likely to remember the negative experiences you've had over the positive ones. For every great effort, outstanding achievement and morsel of praise you've received in your life you have exponentially more negative memories to choke the ever-living-positivity out of you.

Which is why I keep positive emails. And, I screenshot kind texts. 

I need to remember the good I'm capable of...

Maybe you can relate?

I'm going to write down the top 5 compliments I've ever received in my life before the Weekend is over. I challenge you to, too. If you email me your list, I'll email you mine. 

Here's to believing the best about yourself...

Steve Knox

PS. Send this to someone you think is pretty freaking awesome. Pay them a genuine compliment. And, thank them for being alive.