Why knowing (and sharing) your story matters.

Que Pasa, amigo?

Without a doubt, one of the best ways to rediscover your mojo and get your life back on track is to remember how far you've come. 


Looking back informs and inspires you to keep going and what potholes to avoid ahead. 

Your life is a journey. The ups and downs, twists and turns, successes and failures somehow some way tell a story. 

Your story.

And, your story matters. Which is why you should share it. Because:

  1. No one else has lived (or can) live your life.

  2. You are a part of what the whole Universe is doing right now at this very moment. 

  3. Your mistakes and failures teach you something that can be taught to others.

  4. Your life is a thread in the fabric of human history. 

  5. When you share the good and bad of your story you give others hope.

  6. You actually do have something unique and compelling to say.

  7. The way you see things is different and needed.

  8. The future belongs to storytellers.

  9. Your past informs your present.

  10. It makes you a more empathetic and attractive human being. 

And, about a dozen other reasons I could list here. But, you get my point. 

I think a lot of you reading this doubt what I'm saying. Don't.

Or, at least, pick the one reason from the list above which resonates with you the most and put pen to paper. Mindmap or journal about it. Like, today. 

Then go have your favorite beverage with your favorite person. Ask them about their story. Share a bit more of yours. And, compare notes. 

Human beings are wired for story. Good versus evil. Heroes versus villains. Tragedy. Comedy. Adventure. 

The sad news is most people settle for watching other peoples' stories from a safe distance. Don't be like most people. Life is meant to be lived. 

Don't fall into the trap of consuming other peoples' stories, either. That's an easy way to waste a great opportunity. 

Be a contributor.

Live your own story to the best of your ability. 

Don't worry about perfection.
Don't worry about the audience.
Don't worry about anything other than being true to yourself. 

If you do that, amigo, I promise you, you'll have a story worth sharing.

Here's to making history...

Steve Knox

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