8 useful mantras for crushing your day.

Ciao you daring and lovable animal you...

Do you want to know the secret to personal productivity?

Here it is: hard work. 

True story. I wish I could wave a magic wand or give you some magic beans or provide some magic spell to make you more productive. But, I can't.

Life doesn't work that way.

Which is why you need a couple of mantras to help you dig in and focus on getting sh** done. Here are the ones that work for me:

  1. This too shall pass. 

  2. It all starts with me.

  3. Failure does not define me. It refines me.

  4. The first person I lead is myself.

  5. Today is a gift.

  6. I have what I need.

  7. Slow is fast.

  8. Progress not perfection.

I've shared one or two of these ideas directly with you before. In fact, at the core of every single mantra above is a principle I've written about over the past few years.

I just wanted to put them in one place so they would be easy for you to find. 

The bad news is, you actually have to put them into practice. I can't do that for you.

I recommend picking the mantra which resonates with you the most based on your current circumstances and using it as a meditative focus throughout the day today. 

For example:

Before you tackle a difficult task head-on, breath in the words "This too..." and breathe out "shall pass."

Repeat breathing the mantra for two minutes. Then get to work.

If you find yourself stuck. Simply stop and repeat the mindfulness practice.

You can do this with all of the above mantras. I do. And, you know what?

They work.

For like the thousandth time, you already have everything you need to tackle the demands of today. So, don't be afraid. In fact, do the opposite. Move towards the difficult and challenging moments. Intentionally. 

And use one of the above 8 mantras to peacefully power through.

Here's to the real magic of leading yourself...

Steve Knox

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