Crazy good.

Buongiorno you brilliant and gregarious saint...

I think it was Hunter S. Thompson who said, "The only people who know where the edge is are the ones who have gone over it." Or something to that effect.

How right he is. 

I've met some really unique and creative souls who are crazy good. And, what I mean by that is they have this mystical almost alien-like way of seeing the world. 

They're wired a bit differently in the best way imaginable.
You can't nail them down.
Or, predict what they might do or say next. 

Call it genius. Call it madness. Whatever it is, you cannot ignore them. 

I think deep down inside you is a little bit of crazy good, too. 

You had it in abundance when you were a child. Creative and imaginative energy about you where nothing seemed impossible. 

Limited only by the streetlights coming on and your parents yelling your name out into the approaching night signaling it was time for dinner. 

Playtime was over. 

But, playtime is not over for the crazy good souls who interrupt your busy little life. 

And, I think you can learn a thing or two from these unconventional citizens. Like, how to...

  • Rediscover wonder.

  • March to the beat of your own drum.

  • Not compromise on your vision.

  • See things from an alternative perspective.

  • Back yourself even if it means standing alone.

  • See the joy in little and difficult things.

And, a bunch of other crazy good qualities. 

The number one lesson I've learned from the crazy good people in my life is to let go of outcomes.

Crazy, right?

I don't think so. 

All you can do today is your best. You cannot control what happens. Trying to do that is guaranteed to make your crazy. 

Crazy bad that is. 

So, take a step back from whatever it is you're feverishly working on today and don't see it as work.

Instead, think of it as play.

Here's to the life-changing magic of childlike wonder...

Steve Knox

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