Everyone you meet is a mirror.

Kia Ora you spark of joyous humanity...

In many native cultures gathering around a campfire was more than a way to recount the day and strengthen family and tribal ties. It was also a tool for self-awareness. There was a popular belief that the person sitting opposite of you in the circle was a mirror reflecting insight and truth back to you.

Which makes me think if the little flaws and annoying characteristics of the people I sit across from on a daily basis are less about them and more a window into my own shortcomings. 

Maybe you've had this thought before? Maybe not.

But, I do think it's a great way to flip negativity on its head. 

Rather than picking someone apart and writing them off, why not find something about them you relate to and internalize how you might learn and grow from it. 

It's been said some people are an example and others a caution. I also think everyone is a mirror. 

Which means everyone has something meaningful to offer and teach you about yourself. Which makes every encounter an opportunity to evolve and improve. 

Think about it.

Who in your life right now is driving you nuts?
What about their personality annoys you the most?
How is that annoyance a gift in disguise?
What does it teach you about yourself?

You have to slow down enough to create space to consider this type of dynamic in your life. This is a big part of the work I do in my coaching around emotional intelligence. And, something you can master with a bit of practice. 

I'd encourage you to try it out today.

When you find yourself annoyed, rather than avoiding or numbing your sensitivity, lean in. Get curious. And, ask yourself, "What's going on inside of me?"

What's powerful about this type of exercise, is it makes you a more empathetic and kind soul.

And, that, my friend, is worth the effort alone. 

Here's to seeing yourself in others...

Steve Knox

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