19 facts (to love) about you.

Hi, my good-hearted and brave amigo...

Today's post is a public service reminder about how freaking brilliant and good and likable you are. Life may be beating the ever-living-sh** out of you right now. You may doubt some of what I'm about to share. 

Maybe things are going wonderfully well.

But you know what? It doesn't hurt to be reminded of the truth.

Which is why I wanted to let you know today how special you really are. 

There's lots about you to love. Like...

1. The way you are flawed in some beautifully broken and unique way.
2. How you see the world.
3. Your inner nerd.
4. The wind-down of your laugh.
5. How your eyes light up when you see someone you love.
6. When your intentional kindness creates a ripple effect on others.
7. The way your energy changes a room.
8. How you communicate without saying anything.
9. Your trustworthiness.
10. How you listen without passing judgment.
11. Always seeing the good in others.
12. The way you don't take yourself so seriously.
13. How you continually challenge the status quo.
14. Your willingness to put others first.
15. Your thirst for learning and self-improvement.
16. The way you refuse to settle in any area of your life.
17. How you overcame the difficulties of your past.
18. Your inner beauty.
19. And, the person you're becoming.

I'm not going to apologize for this public service reminder. I think you need to know what you mean to the world. And, to those closest to you.

You matter.

You're a difference-maker.

A force for good in the Universe.

And, someone worth knowing.

Here's to being your one-of-a-kind-self today...

Steve Knox

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