The difference between instinct and intuition.

Bueno champion...

Have you ever immediately perceived something (or someone) was right, good, or off deep in your bones without knowing how you knew it?

That feeling that you had is not intuition, that's instinct. 

People confuse intuition and instinct all of the time. 

Let me explain.

Intuition comes from the 15th Century word meaning, "to watch over or look at." Whereas, instinct, comes from the 14th Century French word which means, "to pierce." 

Intuition is spiritual. Instinct is natural. 
Intuition comes from observing. Instinct comes from feeling.
Intuition sees through. Instinct is blind.
Intuition is about in-depth perception. Instinct is about instant reaction. 

When you're following your instincts in life, chances are you are reacting to perceived threats or opportunities around you. Your reflexive action in any given moment is instinctive. 

But, when you're consciously navigating your next right move, you're tapping into your intuition.

Without muddying the water too much, let me cut to the chase of what I'm trying to say today:

Your instincts will keep you alive, but if you want to do more than just survive, then you need to develop your intuition.

You have to cultivate the patience and wisdom to see through appearances. 

Your subconscious mind is where your inner genius resides. Slowing down and giving yourself time to think is the only real way to tap into your intuition. You have to create meaningful space to observe how people and situations make you feel. And, really consider the thoughts, emotions, and connections which rise to the surface.

Which is impossible to do if you're always in constant motion. 

I meet so many instinctual leaders in survival-mode reacting from one drama to the next without the wherewithal or space they need to actually make a wise decision. 

If this is you, amigo, then I have a piece of priceless information to give you for free today:

Slow down.

It's okay to miss your next appointment. To let that ball drop, And, a few of your spinning plates fly off and break on the ground. 

I know what you're thinking:

"I can't afford to do that."

You're wrong. Pardon my bad grammar, but, you can't afford not to. 

Take some time in the next 24 hours to do nothing. I recommend at least 90-minutes. Just get alone with a pen and some paper and your thoughts. Turn your phone off. 

Whatever happens in those 90-minutes try to pay attention to yourself. To your thoughts. Feelings. Ideas.

If you get quiet enough, you'll begin to hear that little intuitive voice inside of you. 

Hold onto what you hear. Write it down on paper. Write it down on your heart. Then go live in response.

Here's to tuning out the noise...

Steve Knox

PS. Share this with the reactive people in your life who are in constant motion. Encourage them to call a timeout. And remember, instinct saves you from danger, but intuition is what gives you life.