Why most people quit.

Konichiwa you brilliant spark of all that's good in the world...

I'm a huge fan of seeing things through.

Sometimes to my own detriment.

Call it loyalty.


Or just plain stubbornness. 

I think it definitely has something to do with my insatiable curiosity to see what's on the other side of things.

Whatever it is, I've learned a lot by not throwing in the towel too soon.

My father-in-law once told me the best lessons in life are expensive. I think he's right.

I also resonate with what Bukowski had to say on the subject, "If you're going to do it, go all the way."

Which is what I want to explore with you today: why most people quit.

Here are the top ten reasons I've discovered through the 41+ years I've been on this spinning ball of dirt:

  1. When the pain outweighs the perceived gain.

  2. They forgot why they started in the first place.

  3. A newer, shinier opportunity comes along.

  4. Lack of self-belief in themselves (thinking change is an impossibility).

  5. Fear of success and the unknown.

  6. They are stuck in a sick-cycle of self-sabotage.

  7. Comfort and laziness win the battle for their heart.

  8. They don't believe they're worthy of seeing things through.

  9. Too much looking back over their shoulder about what they might lose.

  10. It's better to play it safe and survive.

Now, I'm not sure which one is your particular go-to in the past when the going got tough, but I do know everyone has their own particular limiting beliefs about whether you have what it takes to make it. 

Especially, when you might have to go it alone.

Or, sacrifice something (or someone) you care deeply about. 

I'm absolutely-one-hundred-percent-convinced on the other side of pain and sacrifice (persevering through what you think might kill you) is a gift.

I have no idea where you'd like to give up right now. But I'd encourage you to stay with it a bit longer. See it through just this one time. And, see...really see, if you have what it takes to do the impossible.

I think you might just surprise yourself.

Here's to finding out...

Steve Knox

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