27 ideas for making the most of the rest of 2019.

Ni Hao, you daring and savvy soul...

Believe it or not, in 10 short days, you'll be on the downhill slide of 2019. Yep. Crazy how time flies the older you get. Right?

But don't lose heart amigo. And, don't go all glass-half-empty-the-sky-is-falling on me.

Take a deep breath.
Because you're alive.
And, you still have time.

Two chunks of 90-days to be exact. Which means you have heaps of time to choose yourself and crush the rest of 2019.

Here are 27 ideas for making the most of the rest of 2019:

  1. Spend less than you make.

  2. Cull the needless junk from your life.

  3. Don't live a lie.

  4. Eat better (experiment with fasting).

  5. See the world on your feet.

  6. Make friendly with a neighbor.

  7. Be kind.

  8. Interview a family member.

  9. Hand-write 'Thank You' notes.

  10. Talk less.

  11. Take a walk every day.

  12. Stop what's not working.

  13. Be present.

  14. Disappear and dream about the future (for an hour or a day).

  15. Go to bed early.

  16. Wake up before the sunrise.

  17. Try a new restaurant.

  18. Read 6 books (one a month).

  19. Volunteer somewhere.

  20. Stretch daily.

  21. Treat yourself like your own best friend.

  22. Forgive others (and yourself).

  23. Have the conversation you've been avoiding.

  24. Stop letting yourself off the hook.

  25. Throw a party.

  26. Take a professional risk.

  27. Do a dozen random acts of kindness.

Why 27 ideas?

Well, there are 27 weeks left this year. So you do the math.

Seriously, though, print this list and put it somewhere you'll see it every day.

You don't have to go in numerical order. Just pick your favorite idea and start there.

I'd add a number 28: celebrate. Don't forget to make a big deal out of the small wins. This is your one little life. You are one decision away from living a totally different life.

And, it can be as great or extraordinary as you want it to be.

Here's to choosing yourself today...

Steve Knox

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