Why rejection is your friend.

G'day you resilient and crafty hero...

Here's a given: the world will beat you down and break your heart.

You won't get that job. Nail that pitch. Date that person. Solve that problem. Be accepted into that exclusive group.

Rejection is guaranteed in life.

Rejection comes from an old 15th-century French word meaning, "to throw back". It's closely related to the word, "castaway".

And, that's what it feels like emotionally, psychologically, and even physically to experience rejection. To be thrown... back and away.

Some really smart researches discovered that being rejected causes you the same type of physical pain as being in a car crash. Your brain sends the exact same signals to your body.

Which is why it hurts so much when your heart breaks.

But, rejection doesn't have to cripple you.

Here are some reasons why:

  1. Rejection shows you what you believe about yourself.

  2. Rejection reveals your values.

  3. Rejection uncovers your points of weakness.

  4. Rejection highlights your uniqueness.

  5. And, rejection makes you more resilient.

Rejection is your friend.

Closed doors. Unsubscribers. Non-believers.

They reveal where you don't belong which moves you one step closer to your true path.

And, this isn't a bad thing. In fact, it's a really really good thing. Because self-awareness is the bedrock of success. Rejection helps you see your real self. Exposed and vulnerable you have nowhere to turn but inward.


Standing there all alone is the bare-bones, undistilled real you.

Rejection is your friend because it is a mirror.

And, the miss-fit you see staring back at you is authentic. Unadulterated. Beautifully-broken you.

Warts and all. But, here's the good news...

You're still standing.

When you realize this, you'll risk more. Fail more. Try more. Because you'll be more - yourself that is.

And, this my friend is what every other rejected soul on the planet is facing, too.

The opposite of rejection isn't belonging. It's self-acceptance. So do yourself a favor and keep choosing yourself.

Here's to the clarifying gift of rejection...

Steve Knox

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