The truth about your CV (resume' for Los Americanos).

Bueno you gifted and talented student of life...

On average most recruiters, would-be-bosses, and HR gurus will read your CV for less than 7 seconds. 6.25 to be exact according to the $100K+ job site, The Ladders.

Yep. Sorry to break it to you but your CV is a necessary evil which is not worth the countless hours you've spent spit-shining and editing it to death not to mention the expensive paper you printed it on.

Heartbreaking I know.

But, it's also liberating. 

Because in reality, your CV is about what you've done in the past, not what you hope to do in the future. 

And, you should also know your CV will never get to the top of the pile or pass the 30-second test if you don't have someone pulling strings for you.

You need an advocate.

Someone internally or externally who has a relationship with the people who make hiring decisions. It is about who you know (and who knows you).

True story.

Your future job and career have very little to do with how great you are at the Microsoft Operating Suite. And, everything to do with who you know and how well you can sell yourself.

While I can't network for you, I can help you tell a better story. 

I'm a huge fan of one-page bios for this very reason. I've written heaps of bios for aspiring leaders looking to reinvent themselves. And, I'd love to help you have a fighting chance as well.

Here are a few things you should include if you're wanting to write a bio that gets a second-look:

  • Your personal leadership/work philosophy...

  • Highlights of your career successes...

  • The kind of people and companies you've helped...

  • What you're truly great at... 

  • The type of company you hope to work with/for...

  • One or two interesting facts about you...

  • And, what you like about the company you're pitching yourself/services into.

Know it's more than okay to include a smiling headshot. 

Oh, and keep it punchy. Use your own voice. And, whatever you do, don't oversell yourself. 

If you're still grieving over the fact that no one cares about your previous work experience, it's gonna be okay. Keep your CV up to date.

But, know your best bet is to build your network and improve your ability to tell and sell your professional story well. 

Here's to creating a better future...

Steve Knox

PS. If you're looking for your next gig and want some help navigating that space let me know. I do offer a 90-minute career strategy session specifically for the above-mentioned situation. Simply reply to this email.