The top ten fears in the world.

Hello, hello my good-hearted amigo...

Here are the top ten most common fears in the world today:

  1. Fear of spiders.

  2. Fear of snakes.

  3. Fear of heights.

  4. Fear of flying.

  5. Fear of dogs.

  6. Fear of thunder and lightning.

  7. Fear of injections.

  8. Fear of crowds.

  9. Fear of closed-in spaces.

  10. Fear of germs.

Altogether there are around 530 fears or phobias in the world. To be afraid is to be a human being. Every single person on the planet has some type of known aversion to things beyond (and within) their control.

You're no different.

Which leads me to what I wanted to shine a bit of light on today: courage.

An old mentor of mine told me 15 years ago that courage isn't the absence of fear, it's the absence of self.

Yep. Courage is a matter of the heart. Overcoming your own worst nightmares and personal horrors because the world needs you.

Courage means getting out of your own way. Out of your own head. Out into the world.

Walt Disney said that all your dreams can come true if you have the courage to pursue them.

Steve Jobs said to have the courage to follow your dreams and intuition because they somehow already know who you're capable of becoming.

Nelson Mandela said that the brave soul is not the one who has no fear, but the one who overcomes it.

And, Brene' Brown said that you can choose courage or you can choose comfort, but you can't choose both.

What about you? What is your definition of courage?

Take some time today and put pen to paper. Or, go on a walk and examine your heart.

Try to put a label on your fears...those (ir)rational "what-ifs" holding you back from living your best life. More importantly, try to put into words what courage looks and feels like for you.

Here's to choosing faith over fear...

Steve Knox

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