Motivation, multitasking and other popular business myths.

G'day you relational all-star...

If you have ever in the past - or think you ever will in the future - beat yourself up (intentionally or not) because you failed to live up to some guru's advice on the art of the hustle, you should know this:

Most of the advice floating around out there on the interwebs is pure BS.


There's so much crap being packaged and sold, recycled and sold again that I could spend a month of Sundays writing about it.

But, the following few minutes should get you thinking for yourself.

Here are some popular business myths which can cripple you...

1. You have to learn how to multitask. This term was coined in 1966 back in the days of the early supercomputers. It was never intended for human application. It's a subtle lie which will only stress you out and you'll end up in a state of mediocrity. If you're trying to do three things at once, you'll miss out on the opportunity to do one thing with excellence. Do you really want this kind of life and quality of work?

2. You have to be motivated. I've never met anyone who wasn't motivated. Motives are tied to intrinsic and extrinsic needs. Your problem is not motivation. You care. You really really do. The motivation gurus out there are basically calling you lazy. They're wrong. You're not lazy. Maybe lost. Maybe misguided. But, you have all the motivation you need. You simply need to slow down and take stock of your motives - i.e. the things which drive you.

3. Your network is your net-worth. You may have heard this in its other form, it's not what you know it's who you know. Actually, it's both. But, you don't have to have connections to be great in business. You can start without knowing anyone. If you've got a good idea and the EQ to make it happen you'll find success. Which leads me to my next business myth...

4. All you need is one great idea. I've seen talented people with great ideas go absolutely mad because they were almost too smart. You need luck, timing, market conditions, time, and a great team around you. Not to mention about a hundred other key components to be successful. An average idea properly executed and intelligently marketed beats better ideas all the time. 

5. If you're the smartest person in the room, then you're in the wrong room. This is one of my favorite damaging beliefs to untangle. You might be a specialist and are in the room because of your specific skill set. Or, you might be really really good at building relationships and teams. You see, there are all kinds of intelligence. Don't be fooled, and don't sell yourself short. There's a reason you're in the room. You have immense value to add. 

I could list about a dozen more, but I'm pretty sure at least one of the above five business myths have tripped you up at some point. 

You might want to take a closer look at the one which resonates with you the most. 

All progress starts with the truth. So, stop believing myths like these. And, get curious about what is really going on.

Here's to the clarifying freedom of truth...

Steve Knox


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