5 ways a leadership coach can make you more successful.

Bueno my curious and future-focused amigo...

In my humble (and accurate) opinion one of the best ways to get a jump on the competition is to invest in yourself.

Especially, if you are (or aspire to be) an influencer in your particular business and industry.

I'm unapologetic about believing in my particular vocation: leadership coaching. 

So, here are 5 ways a coach (like me) can help you:

For starters, leadership coaching is about getting you to lead yourself first. And, the best way to do that is to hold up a big-shining-bright mirror to your face so you can see yourself accurately. I have a bunch of tools in my toolbox for doing this effectively. But, in short, self-awareness is the starting place for learning to lead yourself.

Secondly, any leadership coach worth their salt will help you remove your blinders about the people you're rubbing shoulders with. Call it EQ or relational intelligence or influence, but a big part of your success depends on your ability to read, engage, and communicate with others effectively. Great leadership coaches challenge you to think relationally.

A third benefit of engaging a leadership coach is we get paid to call bullsh** on you. We are experts on not letting you off the hook. In fact, it's one of the greatest gifts I personally give my clients. Calling out limited thinking, excuses, and self-sabotaging behaviors is a big part of my day-to-day life as a coach.

Fourthly, all great leadership coaches will help you get an accurate picture of the future you want to create. From setting intentions to quarterly goals and daily routines, great coaches help you paint a picture of the future and figure out the best-fit way to get you there. All the while, providing regular feedback and accountability to keep you on pace and in rhythm so your chances of succeeding radically increase.

The last benefit of working with a leadership coach like me is more of a byproduct of investing in yourself: you actually realize how talented, gifted, and strong you've always been. You see, amigo, great coaching isn't about teaching you something new. Nope. It's more about revealing who you already are and refining what you already know. And, this is priceless. Life-changing even.

So if you've ever thought about working with a professional coach, then I'd be honored if you'd consider yours truly.

I have a few one-on-one coaching spots coming open in the next month.

Three to be exact.

If you're ready to choose yourself and design a future you'll love, then you should definitely hit me up over yonder on:

Here's to investing in your future...

Steve Knox