A brief education on conversation.

Hello, again you heroic and suave human you...

I don't usually eavesdrop on conversations, but I was forced into listening to one by the sheer volume of a guy sitting at a cafe' a few tables away from me earlier this week. 

As I pretended not to be listening all I could hear coming from this man's mouth was jargon after accusation after complaint after blame after ego-riddled-I-know-it-all-isms. And, it struck me how much mindless noise passes for conversation these days.

It also reminded me of the scene in Sleeping Beauty where the little red flying magical ferry says to her two compadres dressed in yellow and blue, "Even walls have ears".


You never know who's listening. Who can hear you. Who is paying attention to what you're saying. 

But, you should know who you're talking to. What you want them to understand. And, if they're paying attention to what you're trying to say.

Words are powerful. 

And, if you learn how to cut out and avoid the everyday jargon most people are spewing, you'll be a heck of a lot more productive, sought out, trusted, and valued. 

Not to mention, clear.

Which is really the goal of great conversation. Clarity that is.

Clarity is an old French word meaning, "brightness or splendor". Pretty cool, if you think about communication in this way. As leaving the person (or people) you're talking with seeing themselves and the future in a true light. Authentic. More human. Real.

Because you don't have to dress up the truth or embellish meaning. It can stand on its own two legs. 

Resist the art of the spin. And, say what needs to be said. Then shut up and listen.

Don't be afraid of silence or awkwardness.

If you catch yourself launching into your usual song-and-dance routine you can be sure you're moving away from any chance at a genuine connection.

Fight the urge. 

It'll be hard at first, but not impossible. Be patient. And, remember silence beats bullsh** every day of the week. 

Here's to clear communication...

Steve Knox

PS. Share this with one or two people you know who can help you become a better communicator. Then tee up a time for a chat and see how you go.