The national animal of Scotland.

Bueno you curious and gifted soul...

Did you know the national animal of Scotland is a mythical creature? 

That's correct, amigo. The national animal of Scotland is the Unicorn.

Legend has it in the 12th Century, King Robert decreed the beast be the official Scottish mascot for its symbolic qualities of strength, loyalty, and magical attributes. Apparently, the Scots believed the Unicorn was more powerful than lions and tigers and bears, oh my. Seriously, though, they believed if a pond was poisoned all a Unicorn had to do was stick its spiraled horn in the water and it would be purified.

To this day the Scottish coat of arms has an image of a chained Unicorn to represent strength under power. 

You can't make this stuff up.

Recently, the Unicorn has made a resurgence - from My Little Pony to inflatable rafts to a nickname for runaway tech startups - the Unicorn seems to refuse to die. Everywhere you look you'll see this magical creature popping up. 

Which highlights the enduring power of myth.

Myth is the Greek word meaning "sacred story or saga". 

You see, myths teach us about life. And, they reveal the human need to explore the spiritual side of things.

If you stop and think about it, don't you love getting lost in a good story? Aren't you sucked in by the triumphs and failures of special characters who seem larger than life? Game of Thrones isn't the most popular blockbuster right now by chance. 

You are hardwired for story.

At a deep, soul-level you need examples of what it means to live a heroic life. You need to know in the potential of your own journey. That your life can and should improve if you're willing to fight for something bigger and better than little ole you.

Inside all of us is a little kid who is not afraid to believe in something magical.

Beyond words.


Unicorns are everywhere today because so many people out there are searching for a better story. A transformative one full of lessons about life and the human struggle.

I think the world is starving for spiritual truth. 

So the next time you see a Unicorn, don't discount it for being a mass-marketed kid-thing. See it for what it really is:

A flashing neon arrow reminding you there's more going on than what you can see.

Here's to the enduring power of myths,

Steve Knox

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