How to get out of a downward spiral.

Dzień Dobry, my youthful and daring friend...

Life is more than difficult some days. Life can beat you down and steal your joy and break your heart all in a matter of minutes.

Which is why today's post is so important. 

You see, it's not the big things which save you when you feel like you're free falling into nothingness. 


It's the little things. 

Like catching eyes with a stranger and sharing a genuine smile...
Enjoying your favorite meal with people who get you...
Rolling your head back and letting out a body-shaking-belly-laugh...
And, slowing down enough to fully take in a beautiful sunset on a cool Autumn's eve. 

So, here are three questions to help you get out of the downward spiral you're in:

  1. Who am I helping? One of the best ways to stop your free fall is to focus on others. You won't totally forget about your own problems, but you will begin to put them in perspective.

  2. What am I creating? When you're adding value you'll be less likely to feel worthless. Figuring out small ways to contribute will not only spark your imagination, but it will also spark your self-image.

  3. What's the next right thing? This little ditty will help you navigate the chaos and make your next step simple. Because when you're feeling lost, down isn't the only way you can go even though it feels that way.

One more thing...

I'd encourage you to find a friend to talk to. I've found in my own journey just having someone pay attention and hear me while I talk things out is the little nudge I need to help me rediscover my mojo.

Maybe you can relate? 

Maybe not.

Either way, you now have a handful of questions to help you get out of the downward spiral you're in.

Just remember what Francis Bacon said:

"In order for the light to shine so brightly, the darkness must be present."

Here's to better days...

Steve Knox

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