When the best people leave.

Bueno you freaking amazing human being you...

It's heartbreaking when someone who you invested your time, energy, and resources in decides to leave. But, such is life. In fact, it's almost guaranteed they will thank you and move on. 

Don't worry. You probably didn't do anything wrong. 

In fact, if they leave before you think they will, you've probably done things right.

If for one simple reason: great people need new challenges. 

And, as much as it feels personal, it's not. Even though it feels that way. Because getting left behind is never fun. It's always sexier to be the one driving off into the sunset.

You can be assured of a few things when your best people leave:

1. You'll have an opportunity to invest and develop someone else.
2. Institutional knowledge is walking out the door.
3. They will be competing with you no matter what they say or sign.
4. You made their world (and yours) a bit better.
5. The people left behind will feel the loss and a bit lost. 

Again, you've probably experienced this professionally, and definitely personally. 

But, it's just normal life happening. 

You don't need to freak out or question what you did wrong. People come. People go. 

The real secret though is to make the most of the time you have together. 

So don't be afraid of investing in others. Leave them better than when you found them. Try to bring out their best. Encourage the hell out of them. And, celebrate them when they spread their wings and fly away.

Who knows? 

Your paths will probably cross again in the future. 

And you know what they'll remember?

How you made them feel. Especially, in the end.

You can take that to the bank every day of the week. 

Oh, and it's okay to feel sad...angry even...about their leaving. It means you care. And, that's a good thing. A very good thing. 

Here's to making others better regardless...

Steve Knox