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Why I love the 'Jon Snow' leadership model...

A workshop attendee wants career advice.

Oh boy...

'Steve, I'm a new manager who is in heaps of meetings and expected to motivate my team, keep my boss and clients happy & also find time to do my own job. What would you recommend I do to prioritise my day?'

You're not alone, my young friend.

Personally, I take the 'Jon Snow' approach. 

Jon Snow is the resurrected, bastard and former King of the North in the hit show 'Game of Thrones' who battles the army known as the White Walkers (the living dead) beyond the Wall. When your own family and friends have betrayed and killed you, you've got nothing to lose. No one you can trust. No one who has your back. You end up hyper-focused about what matters most. Who you're fighting for. And, ruthless about defeating anyone and anything that poses a threat to your success. Bottom line? Until you figure out who you are (self-awareness) & what your priorities are (self-discipline)'re never going to be successful. (Yes, I was winking at all you GOT fans as I wrote that...)

Okay, so what's the point?

The show is about the survival of the Seven Kingdoms and Jon Snow figuring out who he really is.

A journey every leader must take. 

So while, it would be great if you could be all things to all people (your boss, team, clients, family and friends) you have to learn how to lead yourself first. The best leaders out there are crystal clear about who they are, what they're trying to achieve and who they're fighting for...

Are you?

Jon Snow sacrificed everything in the pursuit of a cause bigger than himself. 

Only one mission.

That way he can say no to anything and anyone that might distract him or pull him off course.

And, that's how I do it, too. 

But at the same time, the vast majority of leaders out there don't behave like one, and probably should give up their title with all it's perks and privileges because they are constantly pulled in a million different directions causing chaos and confusion for everyone around them. 

And this is a real freaking tragedy...

That can be avoided with a bit of help and some tough conversations.

Just my two cents...

Steve Knox

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