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The following is a tip that’ll horrify the leadership gurus jumping up and down about how you must be super-empathetic for anyone to follow you.

Here’s the truth:

One of the things that can make you even more influential in the office is to stop trying to be nice. I’m not saying to do it every day. I’m not saying you should even do it very often. But, killing your inner nice guy/girl — and drawing a hard line in the sand on certain issues (wasting time, people-pleasing, avoiding conflict, etc) will triple your credibility and authority overnight.

That’s the good news.

The bad news?

If you do it wrong, it will make a lot of people ignore you and stop wanting to follow you, much less look forward to being on your team and wanting to help your business be successful.

That is, unless, you possess one little piece of knowledge.

Sign up for my Executive Leadership Program in April and you’ll learn the big secret behind killing your inner nice guy/girl that not only will increase your influence, but also deepen your authority in a way where people not only won't mind listening to you but will happily follow you no matter what.

It’s a little ditty I learned from a mentor of mine.

He built a lot of high performing teams across the globe.

But, his leadership tactics were literally just a few basic principles he practiced over and over.

Not trying to make people like him.

Not trying to be everybody's friend.

And, not apologising for it.

Nor did he need to.


Because he did what I’m going to teach you in April, with only a few weeks left for you to sign up.

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Steve Knox