Steverino shares a little secret about being a great manager...

Hola champions...

Recently someone said I was... a bit different. 

It was because of something I said during a workshop for a corporate client a few weeks back - specifically where I said most managers who are stumbling around blindly implementing untested advice from a podcast or huffpost blog by their favourite guru should not even be managing people at all. 

Why would I say this?

Is it because I'm some kind of know-it-all ex-purt?

No, it's just an observable fact. 

Roughly, 50% of people are not cut out to be managers. 

They aren't mentally prepared to do it. They don't have the self-discipline to lead themselves, let alone a team that needs them. And, can't be bothered to put in the necessary work to develop themselves and improve their leadership IQ. 

I'm not saying they'll never be successful...

Just, that half of them won't do what's necessary. 


Most people are better off being specialists in their field - focusing on individual success, being a master at their craft, and contributing to the team without being responsible for the welfare of others.

So many aspiring managers think they have what it takes...

Being reliable is not enough.

Working harder is not enough. 

So, what's the secret to being a successful manager?

It's quite obvious really...

Great managers invest in themselves. 

You see, the best leaders (who inspire and motivate others) are not afraid to embrace and go to work on their weaknesses.

To develop themselves, then turn around and share what they're learning so others can benefit, too. 

And, to ask for help in sharpening their skill set and elevating their game.

When's the last time you invested in your own development?

This is the least selfish thing you can do if you're leading others...


Because if you're better and smarter and stronger, then you'll have more to give and teach and share with the people on your team.

Coaching and training are the best ways (I've found) to fast-track any aspiring managers out their in your pursuit of excellence. 

I've helped thousands of leaders out there. And, I'd love to help you, too...

Together we can achieve some amazing things...

And, change the way you lead.

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