Death to Steverino's Inbox

G'day again friendo...

One of the worst habits I developed as a business owner was to check my inbox first thing in the morning. 

This was a ritual that I simply had to kill... 


No mas.



Because I let other people's requests dictate my day...

I've found that if I want to be productive, I need to plan my work and work my plan. 

Maybe you can relate?

I have to get my head and heart right before I am ready to face the day...

This is about mindset and leading myself well...

When I wake up in the morning the first thing I do is give thanks, hug my wifey and start my morning routine. 

Almost every day, I go for a walk, swim or hit the gym unless I have an early call with a client.

I have also been experimenting in the morning with mindfulness meditation, which has helped tremendously in my ability to focus and remain calm.

After grabbing a coffee, I revisit my strategy for the day which includes four simple questions:

1. Purpose - What am I working on?

2. Productivity - How am I going to do the work?

3. Priority - What is my #1 goal or outcome for the day?

4. Presence - Who am I focused on helping and serving?

Clarity around these four areas is essential if I want direction for the day. 

Old school checklists, baby...

Interruptions come, but I always come back to my plan for each day. If I do not complete a task it goes onto my list for tomorrow based on priority.

This requires discipline and keeping track of my next deadline. 

But, you know what?

It works if you work it...

Success really is a series of routines practiced over and over.

That's what productive people do. 

It's not sexy...

But it sure beats letting other people control my day.

Here's to starting right and finishing well...

Steve Knox

PS. If you're in need of a bit of help, please reach out.

It's what I do for a living...

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