Steverino: In 2017, Being Courageous Sucked and That's Why I Forced Myself To Do It...

G'day my beautiful and talented compadre...

I wrote the following 6 months ago and thought it was relevant in light of the fact that Autumn is upon us here in Sydney:

At the end of every November, I take a day to reflect on the past eleven months.

I also take a day to map out the year ahead.

As I've looked back on this past year, I've continually had to be courageous.

Not fireman rushing into a building courageous. Not single parent raising kids on your own courageous. Not superhero saving the planet courageous.

Just, me stepping out of my comfort zone courageous. Which meant being...

Courageous in the sense of owning my mistakes and taking responsibility for the consequences of my choices. I let my entire team go and started over as a solo operator.

Courageous in the sense of taking healthy risks. I launched a new company.

Courageous in the sense of asking for help. I've forced myself to seek the feedback and wisdom of others.

That's what courage actually means: to take heart.

To listen to my heart and pay attention to what I'm passionate about.

To build a life and a business around what matters most to me.

So as I look ahead to 2018, I'm going to be courageous about:

  • Continuing to seek out honest mentors/friends
  • Sharing my new book with the world
  • Gathering a group of like-minded leaders together
  • Writing  at least 300 words every day
  • Choosing time with Meg over everything else
  • Saying No more
  • Differentiating myself from the 1000s of people calling themselves coaches
  • Taking greater care of my clients

What about you?

Fill in the blank:

So far in 2018, Being  __________________ Sucks and That's Why I'm Forcing Myself To Do It.

If I can help you live out whatever your fill-in-the-blank is, please don't hesitate to reach out.

That's what I'm passionate about.

I'd love to hop on a quick call. And, the first conversation is always on me.

Be honest, be you.


PS. So far I've been crushing my list. I've been more courageous. While it hasn't been easy, this year has been the best year of my life. And, it's not even half-way over yet. I'm serious about the above offer. Hit me up and we'll talk about how you can make 2018 your best year yet.