Steverino on defining your workplace culture...

G'day G'day you kind and brave legend...

I'll cut to the chase:

Culture is about 3 things:

1. Language
2. Traditions/customs
3. Rites of Passage

Every boardroom, classroom and living room which people inhabit have these 3 things in common. Unwritten and often unspoken rules for living. They keep a community functioning and healthy. Protecting and providing for everyone 'playing the game'... 

Understanding this takes time, especially if you're the new kid in town...

Like the first few months walking into a new job.

Failing to take the time to understand the environment and the people, you so happily said YES to join can be a damaging thing. 

So, I recommend the following:

1. Find a guide and befriend them. Some older, wiser and long-standing compadre who can show you the ropes. These sacred souls are paramount to your success.

2. Test the boundaries. The only way to know how far you can take things is to take them to the limit. But, be warned, you may not know you've crossed a line until its too late, so tread with caution.

3. Ask the right questions. There are such things as dumb questions, so do yourself a favor and think before you speak. Oh, and make sure you're asking the right people too.

4. Always err on the side of consideration. Being kind goes a long long way. So, tread carefully by adopting a mindset of humility when you're the newbie. 

5. Say, THANK YOU, and mean it. Especially to those kind souls who take the time to educate you on the DOs and DONTs of your new environment.

6. Finally, don't underestimate your impact on the place. Every time a new person (like your brilliant self) joins a team, things change ever so slightly. That's the beauty of relationships.

If you're reading this and find yourself a bit lost or unsure of what your team/company culture is, then I recommend taking some time to define it.

And, if you need a helping hand, I do this type of thing for a living...

So just reach out.

Here's to building a happier, healthier more sustainable world...

Steve Knox