Steverino on the Gift of Starting Over

One of the greatest gifts life affords us is a second chance. 

Usually, this happens after we fail or fall down in some small (or not so small) way...





If you've ever lost a job, suffered through a failed relationship, or left town for greener pastures there's a certain kind of freedom on the other side of the pain. 
That sense of freedom is kind of like a do-over...

A blank slate...

A genuine opportunity to reinvent yourself into the kinda person you aspire to be.

I would say "if", but it's really "when" you find yourself on the other side of some life-altering event don't beat yourself up or (even worse) become a victim. 

Instead, choose to see the upside of your situation:

1. Your best days are ahead of you.
2. You don't have to repeat the same old mistakes. 
3. You can become different...better.
4. You'll experience new challenges and learn new things.
5. You'll be forced to change and grow.
6. You will definitely need to strengthen your relationships.
7. You can cull unneeded things (and toxic people) from your life.
8. You will have some real wisdom to share from having lived experience.
9. You'll undoubtedly get clear about what and who you value most.
10. And, about a dozen other things as well...

Remember, life is what you make it.

And, the most powerful thing in life you do is make choices. 

What better time is there to choose yourself than right now?

Here's to starting over...

Steve Knox


PS. I'm kicking the tyres on running a half-day course about designing a life (personal + professional) you love waking up to sometime in July. 

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