Steverino's bush plane adventure into the Outback...

Konichiwa my fine looking amigo...

A few months back I went on a little scouting trip for a new client I signed in the Northern Territory of this great country I now call home. This particular company happens to be the largest wholesaler to rural and remote Aboriginal communities. 

My third day on site I hopped into a little single-engine plane with my pilot (who also happened to be the sales rep) along with the manager of the clothing side of the business. We loaded up our supplies, strapped in, radioed to the air-traffic-controller and set off east to our destination two hours away. 

This was my first time flying in such a small plane.

I was riding shotgun and once we got up above the cloud cover it was an unbelievable sight. The Australian Outback stretched as far as the eye could see. Winding rivers and bushland rolled on beneath us until we landed on the smallest airstrip I've ever seen. 

We spent the day on the ground doing a sales-call and checking in with the family-run store. Six-and-a-half hours later we loaded back up and flew back through a storm. The sales-rep-slash-pilot assured me of her many hours of expertise. I white-knuckled the oh-shit-handle most of the trip home as we dodged stormclouds. 

I was so glad when we finally landed. Relieved. And, grateful for having made the trip.

Obviously, I'm sharing this story with you for one simple reason:

Saying YES to opportunities makes life interesting...

Which makes you more interesting.

I don't know what opportunities are coming your way, but don't turn tail and run. 

Be curious and courageous enough to say YES. 

Your life will be enriched by the experience...

And, at the very least you'll learn what you're capable of.

Here's to living a bigger life...

Steve Knox

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