Confidence: Learn the Science & Art of Self-belief

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Confidence: Learn the Science & Art of Self-belief


Self-belief is not just reserved for superheroes and the so-called elite. No. It's a skill that you can learn over time (like riding a bike). Don't believe the haters. Deep down you really do have what it takes.

Confidence is a byproduct of taking risks, yet so many people get stuck in their comfort zone too afraid or too bored to make the jump. Research teaches us that self-belief can be built by understanding, defining and matching competencies with challenges.

In this two-hour workshop, we will:

  • Consider how your past failures create an internal narrative which may be crippling your development

  • Take stock of your own unconscious attitudes and beliefs

  • Learn to recognize some common barriers to self- belief, including boredom, fear and apathy

  • Learn the technique of "challenge setting" to begin to build self-belief in your everyday life so you can live with confidence

Next Workshop: April 19th, 9:30-11:30AM (Sydney, AU) Online via Webinar (Zoom)

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